How To Stay Safe And Secure In Cyberspace


With great opportunities that come with the digital age, security of the cyberspace is one that makes people to not fully maximize the potential of the internet. Malicious software like viruses and ransomware including identity theft and scams are becoming the more rampant like never before. The obvious reasons why the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Anthem and Sony Playstation lost to hackers all boils down to lack of secure encryption methods.

To ensure safety on the cyberspace while you use the internet, adequate safety measures are necessary and this is how.

Frequently Update Your Software

A device can become vulnerable when the installed software is outdated. For your computer, tablets and other handheld devices, make sure they are up-to-date by making installation when available. Updating software improves security update on your device. Ensure your operating system and the anti-virus software have the latest updates installed. An antivirus can only identify a virus if the virus definition is installed through updates in the anti-virus software. This is only achieved through regularly updating.

Use Only Secure Websites For Transactions

Use only secure website for transactions that require your personal and financial details. Such websites should have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This ensures your information goes through an encrypted communication where a third -party cannot have access to. Websites with SSL certificates are preceded by the HTTPS on the address bar. You’ll find a green locked padlock to indicate a secure communication is enabled.

Identify And Avoid Phishing

Phishing is one of the methods Cybercriminals use to deceive and steal unsuspecting individual’s information. This means cybercriminals try to present a website like the original one on the internet with the aim of stealing passwords and other login information. Never click any link that requests for your password verification.

Make Your Login Process Secure

Your password should not be easy to guess, make it very complex by including different characters such as lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. You should also use two-step verification process for your login. Two-step verification like Google Authenticator will require anyone who wants to gain access to your account to also have access to your smartphone to complete the login. This gives two layers of security to your account. Even if your password is known, the two-factor verification through your smartphone will be required.

Scan External Devices Before Use

External devices like USB, SD cards, and another device can be carriers of threat. Ensure such are scanned before opening them to be safe. The infected device can infect your computer with a malware which when online, becomes the pathway for more damages.
You should be conscious of your safety online. Aside the methods above you should regularly have a copy of your files and other important data by making backups.

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