About Us


Cryptography World is an informational website on data encryption with resources presented by people from diverse academic and professional background but bound by a common interest- data safe and security through encryption. It is not in doubt that a lot of vulnerabilities exists on the use of the internet. It is no news any longer that hackers and cybercriminals are out to make life unbearable to both corporate organizations and small businesses online as seen in the major security breaches that hit the airwaves in recent years, Yahoo being a major example. Our principal goal is to explain to the users of the internet why encrypting their data is very crucial in today’s cyberspace.

Our Belief

Our belief is that the cyberspace should be safe for all to use. There has not been a time than this to educate people on the need for data encryption. The number of internet users globally is hitting a record high as the years pass and so are cybercriminals on the increase. We believe it lies in us to take the responsibility of ensuring the general populace is well-informed on the methods and approaches to take to get secured while transacting businesses online.

We strongly believe security online is not only for the big corporations to do but that individuals should be adequately equipped to find themselves to be responsible and accountable for their safety on the cyberspace. Our device providers, hardware, and operating systems have a limit to what they can secure.

It is our responsibility, therefore, to create this consciousness by providing quality information on how to use the internet in a secure way through data encryption.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cryptography World is to ensure a secure cyberspace that everybody will be free to use. We know that identity theft perpetrators, cybercriminals, and hackers can be put out of business if we all take a holistic approach to data encryption practices. This is where we stand and motivated to render the necessary information required for this to become a reality in our time and making the cyberspace safe for generations to come after us.

We have a responsibility in our hands to serve as a change agent of data security and to advocate on pressing issues of data encryption as it affects the use of the cyberspace.

Our Vision

Cryptography World envisions a cyberspace for transactions without any fear of identity theft, loss of funds or other important personal or official details. We want to see a network where security issues will no longer be a threat.

The Future

We see a future in data encryption practices where every home and device is secured with the state-of-the-art encryption standard available. For us, the transformation cuts across all regions, nations, race, and profession.

Together, we are sure to have a world where:

All computers, smartphones, and other handheld devices are encryption

All web servers and browsers run on full encryption.

All Third-party storage facilities are encrypted

All cybercrimes are no longer lucrative.