Handpicked Apps To Use When Encrypting Data


Communication is much easier in today’s world with lots of options on the choice of device and platform to choose from. Making use of the phone, using email messages and social networks and instant messaging platforms make up the list of various ways to reach out to friends, family, and colleagues at workplace. Businesses are not left out on the positive side of using the advantages that come with digitization to their company benefits.

With the opportunity that the internet and devices provide, cybercriminals are locking around to strike if adequate protection is not enabled through encryption. This was the major reason why many enterprise organizations including the mighty Yahoo, Adult Friend Finder JP Morgan and a host of others lost huge sums for failing to have adequate security in place.

For today’s world, data encryption is a must not only for big corporations and businesses but also individuals who have files and important documents flying around in the cyberspace.
All devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers should run encryption software to give protection against hackers from gaining entrance to steal vital information.
Here are a few apps you’d find useful for your smartphone, laptops and other computing devices.




The signal app is a freeware developed to ensure encrypted VOIP calls and text messaging in a seamless and easy to use pattern. Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, you can pick on this app to install for an encrypted communication immediately with friends, colleagues and family members in real time at a much lower rate. You can trust Signal software to keep every of your document private and secure as you link to others. You don’t need any log in details to start using this app because it uses your existing phone number and contacts. This is about the only private messenger software that is open source and uses peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols for safety purposes.


For email security, Enlocked is great software to use. With Enlocked, it is free for your use and there is no limit to the number of emails you can read through it. Just like Signal, you don’t need any new log in details to start using this app. Once installed and settings made, you can start sending messages that will be delivered as secured to the recipient. You can send any messages from your Yahoo mail, Gmail and other emailing platforms with the encryption capabilities of Unlocked as a plus. The recipient will have to use the special password to unlock the encrypted message. Another email encryption app like this is the PGP.


PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

PGP is a market leader when it comes to email encryption apps. It has lots of followers and users over the years for data security via emails.
Applications such as emails have specific designs for their encryption needs. For instance, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a reliable tool for email’s end-to-end encryption it uses a mix of data compression, hashing, public key cryptography and symmetric key cryptography.

Silence Phone

Makings calls to other parties can go through encryption. by using the suitable software only the caller and receiver can engage in the communication if end-to-end encryption is the design. Silence phone provides just that level of privacy for making voice calls and sending text messages.
Made by the Silence Phone Company, this app enables both business and individuals to make calls and send text messages securely. Both iOS and Android users can install this app for their private communication.



Wickr is one of the major encryption apps you may want to try out. Available for all users of iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, wickr is a messaging platform where you can send photos, texts, videos, pictures and other documents fully encrypted. Be sure that any communication sent through Wickr can’t be monitored or tracked. Every bit of identity is removed by Wickr to give you the utmost privacy in your communication. When using Wickr, your ID appears as anonymous to others outside your network to protect your privacy.

One of its additional features is its configurable timer. This enables you to set an expiration time for messages sent from the app.

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