More About Cryptography World


Cryptography world brings together people of common interest on encryption. Our watch-word word is safety first before anything else. We are committed to serving you all that is required to be safe and secure through adequate data encryption methods. Will the wealth of resources we source from, getting you updated on encryption requirement, apps and developments is topmost in our hearts to keep our readers well-informed before any decision is reached on the choice of encryption algorithm to apply.

With the escalation of cyber intruders, hackers and malicious software including ransomware, viruses, and malware, Cryptography World strongly believe there is no other time than this to start the sensitization on the need to encrypt every vital data transmission. The concerns are high and a top priority more than ever before in the IT industry on privacy and security matters.

We hold it a duty as an informative website to do justice to security issues and data encryption demands.


The Goal

Every organization’s activities revolve around goals to drive them to their destination. We at Cryptography World have the single goal of reaching out to the world around us and beyond on the need at this moment – data encryption.

Our Strength

Our strength is in the quality of the resources we gather from diverse sources that covers everything from the basics of encryption of data, available software, to more complex cryptographic algorithms in the industry. We also get strengthened when our loyal readers make constructive criticism to help us improve on what we do at Cryptography World because we believe great achievements can be attained through constructive criticisms and suggestions from people who relate to businesses.


The Challenge

The challenge is there for us all to see. The cyberspace is almost taken over by cyber criminals of all kinds and companies are getting affected every day with millions of dollars at stake on daily basis. The biggest breaches of recent times are more than enough warning for everyone to be alert on security matters. It is everywhere in the news that major companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars to attacks from hackers.

If you ask the likes of Yahoo, eBay and others who have suffered some losses in the past, they won’t advise anything less than adequate encryption even if it will cost you money to implement. They know it is better to spend something insignificant than to lose a huge amount and reputation. This is where Cryptography World says inadequate information is the reason why many fall prey to the attacks in the first place and the reason for this website to close up the gap.

Our Approach

Our approach is to enlighten people on data encryption practices in the simplest way possible. We hope to ensure people can easily apply these methods easily at home with available software on the market. We intend to make Cryptography World interactive and would love everyone’s contribution via our various contact methods. We shall deliver that quality information that anybody can easily relate with regardless of the technicalities involved in the subject matter.