8 Things You Should Know About Data Encryption


If you are conversant with happenings on data safety, you’d agree data and security breaches take place every day. The biggest hits were those suffered by high profile companies like Yahoo in 2014 where 3 billion email accounts were compromised. Ebay equally had a share of hackers attack in the same year as Yahoo with 14 million account holders’ details stolen. Adult Friend Finder in 2016 was attacked with over 400 million accounts hacked. The list goes on and on.

The spate of this attacks on the rise calls for better security and the need for adequate encryption of data. Here are 8 things you should know about data encryption.


Data Encryption Is Important In Today’s World

You probably would have heard this word used countless times and are wondering what it entails. Simply, it is a method used for data protection where only the individuals that you want to see the information can actually see it as it is being transmitted to the recipient over the internet. With alarming statistics and attacks on both big and small businesses like shown above, it is a call for action.


Encryption Is A Simple Process To Apply

You don’t have to be a computer guru before you can use encryption. Everybody can easily apply the process on their data. There is software on the market to make the process a seamless one for all to apply. It is nothing different from your regular software installation and usage.


Encryption Messages Are Gibberish-Like

Messages that are encrypted appear meaningless to the eyes because they are a combination of alphanumeric characters. Only individuals with the decryption key can have access to the actual readable message.


There Are Levels Of Encryption Privacy

Encryptions, depending on the mode applied, can have different levels of privacy and control. For instance, some centralized platforms like Google and other messaging platforms like Facebook can decrypt your message when required. When it is End-to-end encryption, you are given full control that even the platform providers cannot have access to your communication.


Types of Encryption Are Based On The Generation Mode

Encryption can either be Symmetric or Asymmetric based on its generation. Symmetric encryption is generated using just a secret key that is held by both the sender and the receiver. They can encrypt and decrypt messages between them with this single key.
Asymmetric otherwise called public key encryption uses a pair of keys instead. The sender and receiver both have access to the public key but only the receiver has the private key to decrypt encrypted messages.


Everyone Should Have Access To Encryption

End-to-end encryption is open to all and not only to government or corporate organizations. This is because the greater the number of people using encryption, the better secured the internet would be for all. Private organizations, corporate organizations, and individuals can encrypt their data before sending it across. Your email, storage devices, and other important information can all be encrypted.


Encryption Improves Good Communication

With everyone signing up to use encryption, information distribution becomes better and authentication is improved. It gives room for free communication and protects the political atmosphere created by democracy.


Many Systems Are Providing End-To-End Encryption

Instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp, OTR, iMessage, and Wickr are end-to-end encrypted. Cloud storage systems like Tresorit, SpiderOak, and MEGA are also end-to-end encrypted. TETRA technology offers encryption for radio communication. The number of platforms embracing the total privacy and control to the user is increasing periodically. A lot more is happening in the data security world where encryption is the focus. Find out more.

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