Facts About The Internet And Cyber Security


The growth of The Cybersecurity Industry at this time is for no other reason than to counter the alarming rate of insecurity on the internet. According to security data monitored 23,000 malware are released to the cyberspace on daily basis. That is enough to cripple tons of systems every day. 2015 alone accounted for 275 of all malware introduced into the cyberspace by cybercriminals. The records are shocking yet many of us are not aware of the importance of keeping safe online.

Here are some revealing facts you’d be amazed to discover.

Damage By Cybercrime To Double

The damage caused by cybercrime is projected to reach $6 trillion yearly starting from the year 2021. This is a staggering figure compared to the $3 trillion a year earlier. With this figure, many lose are expected and investments are at risks of making their investment count or encourage further financing of investments they have a stake in.

The Number Of Internet Users Liable To Attack To Reach 6 Billion By 2022.

With the increase in digitalization, many businesses are turning to the internet and transactions are increasingly done over the internet than before. This opens up more people to crime attack. Presently, there are 3.8 billion internet users in the world, that is, about half of the total world population of 7 billion. According to a recent forecast, this will go up to about 6 billion internet users by 2022- 75% of the expected world’s population of 8 billion. The year 2023 is to see a rise to 90% of the projected world’s population.

With the figures of internet users going higher, cybercriminals are also given more room and large number of the human surface for attacks.
Spending On Cybersecurity to Go Pass $1 Trillion between 2017 and 2021.

With information security spending now at $86.4 billion in 2017, it is further predicted that the total cybersecurity spending in the next five years will go a record high to over $6 trillion in the coming years.

Cost Of Ransomware Damages To Go Beyond The $5 Billion Mark In 2017

Ransomware attack is increasingly becoming a major security threat. Compared to the 2015 $325 million damages recorded, this prediction is over ten times what was thought of the biggest threat of 2015. Healthcare industry has been the major attack of ransomware in recent times.

The World’s Most Expensive Virus Ever

If you are still in doubt how potent a computer virus can be, here is a damage caused by MyDoom. MyDoom is rated the most expensive virus ever created for its damage that is estimated to be around $38.5 billion. A fast-spreading email worm, MyDoom surpassed every other record on damage extent. Believed to be Russian created software, it keeps spreading by resending itself when opened.

68% Of Funds Lost To Cybercrimes Cannot Be Recovered

For the long period, it takes to discover cyber-attacks; funds are most times not recovered. According to Ponemon Institute, the mean time it takes to detect malicious attacks in a global study is 170 days. This is a pretty long time and with the difficulty involved in tracking down cybercriminals, the process becomes even more difficult.


Hacktivism is hacking into a computer for social or political reasons. This accounts for 50% of the total cyber attacks launched in the world. With strong roots firmly grounded on the hacking practices, it promotes provocative issues of human rights, free speech, among others. This may appear positive in some sort, however, hacktivism is a hack that is politically driven and trigger protest and other forms of civil unrest in a society.

Approximately All Computers Susceptible To Exploit Kits

Since many computers on the internet have any of Oracle Java, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader, they are exposed to exploit kits. The fact is, 99% of all computer users are exposed to the exploit kits. Exploit kits are software built to function on the web server to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and afterward upload and run malicious code on the client system. The vulnerabilities expressed by the above software are very dangerous. To be safe, keep your software and mobile apps including operating system well updated. Why not if there is an alternative, replace anywhere possible.

There many more shocking facts about internet security.

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