Best Rated Encryption Apps Available On App Stores


The need for data encryption is to ensure a safe and secure communication between two parties. With malicious software and hackers on the watch for vulnerability to strike, getting the best encryption software cannot be overlooked.

There are many encryption apps available on the market. When choosing the best among the many, features such as the type of algorithm on which the app is designed, functionality and reliability features, among others, should be a top consideration to choose the very best.

Here is a list of the best-rated encryption apps to consider for your home and official use.


1. CertainSafe

CertainSafe is a cloud-based encryption app that is very effective to lessen all areas of risks. It is designed in compliance with all industrial regulations. With this software, you are able to store your documents, share with others send private messages, videos, and photos fully encrypted. Business will find CertainSafe useful because it adds automated security feature for business applications and databases.
Core functionalities
•    encryption
•    cloud-based
•    Password protection
•    Prevention of brute-force attack
•    Secure storage of files


2. CryptoExpert 8

CryptoExpert 8 is an encryption software with a difference. It offers secure and safe data vaults for all data to ward-off any potential attack from cybercriminals. A high-performance software, CryptoExpert 8 is fast and can be used to back up various files such as Excel, Word, certificates multimedia, email databases, among others. A significant feature of the software is its ability to secure vaults of any capacity. Its utility is enabled by its use of notable algorithms which includes 3DES, Cast, Blowfish and AES-256 algorithms. The app works well on both the 64-bit and 32-bit of Windows 7 and upwards.

Among its other functionalities are the prevention of brute force attack and password prevention.


3. AxCrypt

AxCrypt is reliable encryption software that you can have a free version of for your use. It is designed with individuals and small businesses in mind. With its 256-bit and 128-bit AES encryption, your data are safe and secure from intending hackers. It has cloud storage capability and ensures flies on either Google Drive or Dropbox are safe.
Core features
•    Platforms: works with Windows and Mac OS
•    Integration: Dropbox and Google
•    Core functionality: encryption, mobile apps, cloud-based, password protection.


4. Folder Lock

Folder Lock is encryption software {NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Please, kindly link “software and mobile apps” to article title”#1: Handpicked Apps to Use When Encrypting Data “} designed for individuals to fully protect their mobile phones. This is crucial since many employees access their company’s information on their smartphones like checking emails and some other accounts operated by the employee. Folder Lock gives you that protection on your mobile. It can protect files, videos, photos,, contacts, audio and notes you have stored on your smartphone.
It has some additional features aside from its encryption capabilities. You can make settings for hacker deterrents, get a notice when brute force attack attempt is made, set decoy password and an unauthorized login attempt log. It works well with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.


5. Steganos Safe 18

Steganos Safe 18 is an easy to install software that is fast to load. It’s a digital vault just like other notable encryption software. Steganos Safe 18 uses the AES algorithm standard but with 384-bits instead of the traditional 256-bits for its encryption. With this software, creating a safe is with few steps that can turn your hard drive partition into a vault in a matter of time. For its ease of use, your sensitive data are well protected offering great options for privacy protection and secrecy. It works with PCs, with the cloud, and on networks. There is a new version, Steganos Safe 19 that is just released with features of Integration with Google drive. Microsoft One drive and Dropbox

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